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CL 502, 503, 504 errors + speed

We’re still waiting on the host to get back to us – since it’s been over 24 hours since we were bumped to customer service, I’m not terribly thrilled, they’re usually faster than that. So far, intermittently, I’ve seen 502, 503, and 504 errors, and I’m starting to wonder if we’re collecting a whole set of some sort. Anyway, remember that this site is here – same host, different account, different physical machine, so it tends not to have the same issues. I’m really sorry!

Error on Cheezland

Yes, we know something has gone wrong. We don’t know what. I haven’t made any site changes or updates in days, and even then, only adding the forum which should NOT do this! I’m about to submit a support ticket. This happened with Jackie out at a doctor’s appt, argh… We’ll get it sorted out. Meanwhile, don’t panic!


Turns out, the host made some improvements that had some unexpected side effects. They’re working on it. However, the short-term Hello-Kitty bangaid solution may take up to two hours, and they’re expecting to need to do a maintenance shut-down for a bit on Friday. I’ll keep you posted.

Update 2

We got back up in much less than two hours.

I’ll announce it when I know more about the maintenance shut-down.

Thank you for being patient!

Forum testing!

Ohai evreewun!

Forum main page (which I can duz some uvver stuff with, if we do forums on teh main Cheezland site) is heer: (sorry, there were a slite error in the sidebar link earlier, fiksed nao).

Or just scroll daon to teh boxes in the sidebar that have forums an topics an replies innem, an click on stuff in there – wurks just like the Recent Posts and Who Be Talking boxes.

It goes: Categories (set up by admin, optional) -> Forums (set up by admin) -> Topics (started by anyone inside a forum) -> Replies (peeps talking on the topic).

Donut panic!

I set this up, rather hastily, as a backup just in case deteriorates any further (what with increasingly frequent short crashes and recent issues with error while submitting comments) or I break it while trying to fix it, so that at least Cheezpeeps won’t be separated from each other.

I can’t promise that comments left here will be re-incorporated into the main site, although where apprpriate I’ll try. I think it might not be a bad idea to leave this up permanently, as a backup… just in case.

If isn’t working, come here – I’ll post any news / updates on status. If there’s nothing specific here, then possibly it’s just you. Try here: and see what it says. You can also email me at or

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