Eva’s eyes are definitely beginning to open!

Also, she’s up to 5.4 oz.

I stopped today to talk to the veterinarian who’s program coordinator for the Vet Assistants at my college, to see if there was anything else that we could do to help Eva with her social development. It’s hard for singleton orphans to get socialized properly. She thinks that short of trying to find a litter near her age for her to join, we’re doing just fine for her. Also, since she shows every sign of being healthy, odds are pretty good she doesn’t have anything nasty from her mom, and we should be able to safely begin real introductions to our adults in a week or so — a week earlier than the foster coordinator suggested. We’re going to go very slowly and carefully with that.

Anyway, while we were talking, the vet seemed a bit surprised at Eva’s development, and asked if we’re sure of her age and that she isn’t a little older. That’s our precocious baby girl! She’s strong and active and alert and responsive, everything we could ask for — and also fluffy, full of attitude, voracious, and too adorable for words, but that kind of thing isn’t quite as professional to say. ;D

I’m recalculating how much KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) she needs on a daily basis, and her weight has finally caught up with her demanded volume of KMR! (psst, if any of my teachers see this:
5.4 oz x 30 cc/4 oz = 40.5 cc per day/8 feedings = 5.1 cc per feeding) She devours the first half as quickly as she can swallow, then gradually slows down, and towards the end, she seems to get drowsy and relaxed; she keeps hold of the nipple, but doesn’t seem to care much whether any milk is flowing, as long as she’s being held at heart level.

Personally, I think I’m driving just about everyone I know crazy with “new mom syndrome”, insisting on telling them about Eva… but I’m not sure I care. LOL

The one worrying thing isn’t about Eva, it’s my oldest cat Loki, so you can skip this paragraph if you’re only interested in Eva herself. Loki’s jealous, I believe, of the time spent on Eva, and I suspect he’s also stressed by the disruption of his sacred schedule. He’s 13 years old, has always been very much my baby and very attached to me, but normally he’s pretty friendly to other cats. Almost two years ago, he was diagnosed with asthma and borderline kidney issues, and while we have both pretty well controlled with inhaled meds and a grain-free, by-product-free, very high end (and very expensive!) diet, it could get very bad if he stops eating altogether. The last two or three days, he’s been less interested in food, dry or wet, although I’ve gotten him to eat a bit a couple of times by surprising him with something novel. I gave all three adults a liberal amount of catnip a little while ago, in hopes that relaxing will help his appetite (not that he relaxes at first… he has to be hyper for a while). So we’ll see.

Due to technical errors, ie, a camera glitch, we have less video for you tonight, but then, how much video of a little orange fluffball being syringe-fed can you watch, anyway? ;)

Video link will be posted a little later tonight, sorry, but here are the pics!

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    cweenmj in response to: Precocious!
    Tue, 24 Mar 2009 03:07:41 +0000
    Pritty orinj fluffball!!
    Teenee tiny earz!!
    Pinky noez!!
    Pinkee pinkee toe padz!!!
    caper prance splort!!


    3kittymomma in response to: Precocious!
    Tue, 24 Mar 2009 03:33:43 +0000
    these pictures make mii cry tears of joy an happiness an hope. I am soo inspired by yu an Seanya, you all saved a life that the odds were against. My utmost respect an love to you both along with Eva and your kittehz for putting up with her. Give extra luv tu Loki, i hope it is just the seasonal change because mine Pookie cat is acting similar. Love and best wishes tu all!

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