Quick update

I’m a bit behind, Loki’s had more of my attention tonight, while I’ve been trying to keep him from suffering because of Eva’s presence. Sorry, I never even got back here last night to post the video, I’ll add it below.

Eva is now 5.8 oz, continuing her trend of 0.3 to 0.4 oz gain every day. She’s still voraciously hungry at the beginning of each feeding, but is also enjoying the social contact more visibly now. Her eyes are still in the process of opening, and the muscles around them are visibly twitching and moving, trying to get them open completely; kittens with their eyes halfway opened always look funny to me, but it’s also amazing to think of her just getting the first awareness of a whole new sense.

As for Loki, we’re working on him… but if we can’t get him calmed down and eating again fairly quickly, we may have to see if there’s another foster home available for Eva. :-/ I don’t want to, but my first responsibility has to be to Loki, and with borderline renal problems plus asthma and anxiety issues, it could be really bad for him if I can’t fix things. Sean is tired already, just like me, and for him to be catsitting Loki through the day as well as Eva is just too much to ask, too, from someone already in chronic severe pain.

Anyway, we’ll hope for the best. Loki kept his last meal down, so that’s promising!

Last night’s video:

I might get tonight’s video up later, but no promises.

Tonight’s pics of Sean feeding Eva:

She really likes being as close as possible, preferably on bare skin

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