Suppertime with Trick

Eva’s up to 7.1 oz!!!

And she’s getting stronger and more curious with every day that passes.

We’re trying to get her out of her “house” as often as we can, and the more we do, the happier she is. Instead of the first time or two, when she just could not settle down for more than a few minutes, she’s fallen asleep curled up against me (inside my shirt, at one point, having wriggled in there herself) a few times. She cries less when she’s been out for a while, too. So we’ll try to continue with that, to whatever extent is possible through the week — Sean has a twice-weekly class in coping with chronic pain starting this week at the YMCA down the street, and we certainly can’t have her out if we’re out or asleep, that wouldn’t be safe at this point. But we’ll try.

We’re getting better with the camera! We’re not using the flash, that’s just too hard on tiny eyes, so we’re having to experiment with lighting a bit.

Here’s a video from around suppertime, and a few pics Sean took a little later. Eva fell asleep, well, not exactly in my armpit, but in the angle of my upper chest and upper arm while I was lying on my side.




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    3kittymommma in response to: Suppertime with Trick
    Sun, 29 Mar 2009 02:45:10 +0000
    I LUV EVA!!! Thnx fur sharing wif us an making mine dai briter :D


    Nennepus in response to: Suppertime with Trick
    Sun, 29 Mar 2009 19:45:19 +0000
    oh – look at the pink nose! and the pink toes! and the floof!
    oh no!!!

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