Eva’s Playpen and Nap With Sean

Added later: Eva weighed in at 7.3 oz tonight.

Sean spent the afternoon cuddling Eva while I got myself organized for the pile of tests I have coming up in April (for anyone who doesn’t know, I’m in my 30s and have gone back to college to take a Vet Assistant program so I can work in animal rescue).

I got a couple of adorable pics at two different times. One set I had to lighten a little so the quality isn’t quite as good, sorry (my, I apologize a lot…).

We made Eva a playpen of sorts, out of a shallow clear plastic storage bin, with the lid removed obviously, lined with a soft folded blanket, and arranged to give her an open area with a couple of toys she’s too young to care about yet, and a cozy cave. Trick and Angel both inspected it during the contruction process. :roll: Silly kitties. The idea is to give her a safe place for a bit more exercise and investigation, and a bit more involvement in regular life, since she’s gone so far past wanting only lots of food and a warm place to sleep.

The more active she gets, the less I find still pics are doing her justice, unless she’s asleep, so there will probably be fewer pics and more videos from here on. So much of her development and personality come across in the video that gets lost in the photos!

Currently, I’m on the couch, Sean’s at his computer across the room, and Eva’s snoozing in her playpen next to me. Not in her cave, but nestled into a small soft hand-towel I bunched up in the “outer” area for her to play with since she likes burrowing.

We’ll weigh her a little later, when she wakes up next.



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    mugglemary in response to: Eva’s Playpen and Nap With Sean
    Mon, 30 Mar 2009 05:46:17 +0000
    skweeeeee!!!bebbeh Eva!!! sekkund pikshur shud go in splort hall ob fame – bebbeh kitteh tummee, nosie, eers, little pinkee tow pads wif itsee pointee ens…so kewt!!!

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