Still getting bigger and more curious

Eva is now 9 oz, and fluffier than ever! She’s still teething, and that’s making her unhappy, but if we cuddle her she purrs and cuddles back. She’s getting stronger and more coordinated — she bunny-kicked me with both back feet together this morning while I was helping her pee. :) That’s an improvement over the random flailing and squirming of even a couple of days ago. (No, she isn’t a big fan of the passing-waste process, no matter how gentle.)

Just as a site note: we’re having some issues with the blog. I prefer b2evolution, but I tried WordPress briefly because many of my friends are familiar with it. Due to a crash, I gave up and switched to b2evo. However, for some reason, WP keeps reappearing, and it’s questionable why it’s occurring. I can bring the blog back up quickly and easily when it goes down, but don’t always notice immediately. If you try to reach this blog and end up with an odd screen you didn’t expect, please email me at steph (at) prysmcat (dot) org.

This video is from last night. There are some pics as well, which I’ll upload as soon as I get a chance to resize them and sort through them. Life gets in the way sometimes!

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