Eva feels at home

It has been five days since we brought Eva home and she seems to be quite happy here. It appears that she likes me a lot and she cries when I leave my room to go to the bathroom or to eat. She almost always wants me to hold her and when she doesn’t she wants me to play with her. Right now she’s taking a nap so she can keep me up all night but the diva is very energetic about twenty-two and three-quarter hours a day. I think she’s dreaming because she keeps twitching, which makes her more cute (if that’s possible). Anyway, Eva the Diva is settling in just fine and has finished her explorations. That’s all for now, pictures soon!

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    Jack Deth in response to: Eva feels at home
    Sat, 30 May 2009 14:39:45 +0000
    So mennee noo feengz
    2 seez and playz wiff. Willz keepz
    Eeba kwyte bizzee

    Eeba andz t3h noo
    Beeg Kitteh amz stansz~awffish.
    Dat willz chaynjj wiff tyme

    Eeba lykez t3h noo
    Beeg Gye. Dis will beez stawrtt ubz
    wundurrful frendship :-)


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