I spoke to the Humane Society yesterday — our application for adoption is all approved! Okay, no real reason not to, since they approved us as a foster-home, but now it’s official, we can belong to a Cory-Bear forever!

Next Wednesday, he goes in for his second set of vaccinations. At that point, I’ll finish up the paperwork, pay the adoption fee, he’ll get microchipped, and he’ll have his forever home, officially and legally.

It’s questionable how thrilled the big cats are, since Cory’s going through a seriously rambunctious phase just now and pouncing on them every time he gets (or can create) a chance. The boys just leave; Angel is patiently teaching him manners. Yes, this means she thumps him when he harasses her, but she’s being quite restrained about it and using a lot less force than she does when Trick annoys her, so we’re letting her do what she thinks is necessary — but we are keeping an eye on it, just in case. Her lessons will go a lot farther than Sean and I trying to teach him about claws, biting too hard, and being a nuisance!

I, however, am just ecstatic. :D Letting Eva go to a forever home I knew would love her so well was hard; sending Cory off into the world to take his chances, that was just unbearable to contemplate. I mean, after bottle-feeding them, cuddling them through teething, potty-training them, and all the rest, they’re my children in a very real sense. Having Cory here to love and cuddle forever… I’m so very very happy!

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    Jack Deth in response to: Yay!
    Sat, 06 Jun 2009 01:36:24 +0000
    Flooffee Aynjill amz
    purr~pettchoo~ull Mawm Kitteh
    andz soopurb Teechurr

    Corree~Bayurr canz
    beez a handzfull, butz datz jusst
    wut a yung Tawm duz

    Aynjill undurrstandz
    Corree~Buyurr awll 2 wellz
    andz will setz limmitz :-)



    D.R. in response to: Yay!
    Sat, 06 Jun 2009 23:26:08 +0000
    I luvs ur kats. :)

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