Well, I do have a short video of Tiggs showing off her flexibility — she loves to stretch, and a few times I’ve seen some downright amazing stretches!

Also, she’s been here for a week tomorrow evening, and in that time, she’s grown much more tolerant during her meetings with our two neutered males. The pictures show her and Trick this afternoon; also, this afternoon, she allowed Cory to sniff her and walk by very close to her with only a token hiss at his tail as he passed.

Last night we brought her into the living room and she spent over an hour on the couch snuggled between us, or more accurately, snuggled against Sean’s side with her head and one paw over his arm, her chin resting on the pulse-point in the crook of his elbow. She ignored the other cats, they ignored her. I’m hopeful that she’ll learn to tolerate other cats, if not make friends with them, but she’s definitely going to want a human who can spend lots of quality time with her — no going to work for 12-hour days and coming home and falling asleep for her, she’d be miserable.


  1. Your Tiggs is beautiful she looks like my male kitty whos name is also Tiggs. Hes my 22pd 18 toed angel. His pic is on my fb if ya care to see my babies. Yours are beautiful.

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    D-R in response to: Stretching
    Fri, 22 Oct 2010 00:16:03 +0000
    Work that body! Work it! :)

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