Another early morning

No pics – tired enough that I just wasn’t thinking of it, sorry.

Seriously – at 5:00 am, over 2 hours before the alarm, Cory notified me (by climbing onto my pillow and wrapping around my head) that he wanted me to wake up. As soon as I moved, he looked at the snack dishes. One snack and a drink later, he let me fall back asleep until the alarm. I was exhausted even before I went to bed, with his last snack right around midnight, and this stuff isn’t helping. It’s like having a genuine babycat who needs to be fed constantly! Love him more than all the world, but doing everything on his timetable… sigh

Ate so much breakfast that he even had a few extra kibbles from a snack dish, then had another 2/3 of a snack before returning to his den in my closet.

Less than an hour before lunch, he decided he was hungry and wolfed down two snacks. He wanted more, but I stopped him so he’d eat his lunch.

For lunch, he left a few kibble, but not very much. Then he did his usual afternoon nap. I had one, too!

He was extremely enthusiastic about supper, and actually had extra crunchies – probably at least half a tablespoon extra, so along with the treats, it was quite a substantial meal.

Before bed, he actively demanded that I sit down and feed him. He ate two full snacks, and half each of two more – Trick helpfully cleaned up the remaining halves. :-)

We’re trying an experiment because of how much fur he’s pulling out. Out of the seven flavours of crunchies we’ve been serving up, one he’s lost interest in (lamb and brown rice). Only one other one has any grain at all in it, chicken and brown rice. The remainder are all specifically grain free, generally with potato as a carb (I know, cats are not potato-tarians): turkey, salmon, chicken, ocean (whitefish, salmon, herring), and grain-free (turkey, duck, salmon, chicken). He’s sometimes not in the mood for the chicken, but he loves the other four. So we’re going to try dropping even the chicken and brown rice one, so his diet will be 100% grain free. It’s already been wheat- and corn-free for a while, we’re lucky enough that he adores one type of grain-free treat so we could drop the other ones. If the allergy is being caused by something environmental, we’re stuck, because it could be anything. We already use (expensive) walnut cat litter, because clay makes him chew his pads bloody, wheat makes him itch, corn probably would but none of them like the texture, and I cantell you right now that the newspaper stuff would not be a hit. If the walnut makes him itch, there’s nothing else to try. But, fingers crossed, maybe the rice is a factor? It could be anything, including chicken. It wasn’t as bad when he was eating mostly wet food, it’s definitely more of an issue since he stopped eating that and fixated on crunchies. Brushing him and trying to distract him only work so well, and it would just be cruel to put a cone on him and leave him to itch. So, aargh on that one.


Sleep, eat, water, snuggle, repeat

Short-ish and slightly disjointed post. Sorry, I’m tired. Some furry beast keeps interrupting my sleep…

Forty-five minutes before the alarm, Cory insisted Jackie provide water when she got up to use the bathroom. Immediately after, he scarfed down a snack, then fell asleep until the alarm and official breakfast time. Doesn’t he know that the whole point of the alarm is so I don’t have feline meal-creep edging breakfast a little earlier every day? LOL

He was wide awake and enthusiastic about breakfast, more than he has been in a couple of days. And an hour later, he wanted more – two full snacks, in fact. He was rather fussy about the second one. “I want noms but I’m going to spit out this flavour… I refuse to take that flavour… all right, that one is acceptable.” Once I got to the one he wanted, he devoured it energetically, then left.

And fell sound asleep, apart from a drink or two, for the rest of the morning. Aside from briefly interacting with Jackie, when she came in to talk to me and stretched out beside him to pet him.

I pwn this human

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Early start on the noms

An hour and a half before the alarm, Cry announced, loudly and persistently, that he wanted crunchies and he wanted them NAAAOOOWWW!

So of course he got them, a full snack container plus a few extra.

And a drink.

And then I staggered back to bed.

When normal breakfast came around, he ate nearly all, had another drink, then enjoyed sunbeams on the bed until it got too crowded with Trick and Freya as well, and he went into his closet nest.

We own the bed!

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Fingers crossed for a quiet day!

Jackie’s back at the dentist to get the work finished that wasn’t quite completed a week ago due to emergency hospital visit for bleeding tongue. Fingers and toes and everything else crossed that today goes smoothly and I don’t get another call to go to the hospital!

Just before the alarm, I woke up because of noise outside, and seconds later, a purring bearcat jumped onto my bed right in front of me. We’ve seen him more enthusiastic about breakfast, but he was alert and interested and he ate nearly all of it. An hour later, he demanded the leftovers and around one snack’s worth (it came from a snack he didn’t finish last night and some from a fresh one).

And he got a snuggle session that included his favourite hairbrush. I don’t want him thinking that the only time I interact with him is to shove food, water, or meds down his throat, y’know? Which was followed by a nap in the usual morning sunbeams.

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Fussy Bearcat?

At 2:00am, I was woken up from a sound sleep by a rather odd thump. I opened my eyes to find Cory on my desk, my laptop woken up from standby under him, while he investigated the empty kibble containers. My “desk” is a laptop stand with little extra space, and isn’t supposed to be expected to support more than 15 lbs – Cory weighs more than that alone! I dragged myself out of bed to get more snacks for him, and he devoured a full one and most of a second. Then, before I could pass out again completely, he demanded a drink.

Cory decided this morning that he didn’t want his breakfast with Jackie, not even half… but moments later, demanded 2 full snacks from me in my room.

He’s been acting a bit oddly about water since yesterday. We make sure the water is warmish, so it won’t hurt his teeth. Suddenly, even though he’s in the bathroom asking several times a day, after a syringeful or two, he suddenly looks at the syringe like it’s an Evil Thing that’s hurting him and takes off. I honestly have no idea what’s up. I’m currently having better luck doing his water in tiny dribbles, withdrawing entirely between them, and aiming to get it more or less as far back as I can, and that’s working. Idunno. We’re going to try setting his fave water fountain back up (we took it down because it’s old and the design is bloody impossible to keep thoroughly clean, why are they always like that?) and see if that helps, but that water isn’t going to be warmed, just room temp, so who knows?

Anyway, early on, Freya decided to take advantage of the morning sunnybeams on my bed as a place for a bath and then a nap.

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(Sorry, no pics!)

Well, he started off by doing an excellent job on his breakfast (7:45) – he left a few kibble, but not much. After which he had a normal-sized drink.

Then, about an hour later, he came in my room and wanted up on my lap. He was willing to be snuggled but kept looking at the two snack dishes on the desk (I’m learning!). When I offered him some, he went for it… and then, having emptied one, proceeded to devour the secoond one. Good start!

And, at around 10:15, after a second drink, he demanded more, and tore through another 2 snack containers, for a total of roughly 5 tbs of kibble (about 10% treats) in 2.5 hours. I don’t think he agrees with the “small meals spaced out through the day” theory! That’s about 75 ml, a third of the 250 ml we’re aiming for as a goal per day!

He may actually be able to get small amounts of water on his own, at least enough to help with the dry mouth that is probably happening with the increased drooling. He got up from his boxcave, and I heard him jump up onto the back of the toilet, next to the sink where there’s a cup for water. I expected him to yell for water, but a moment later he reappeared and went back to bed without ever demanding attention. And believe me, he’s not shy about announcing it when he wants me to do something!

He was drowsy through lunch and didn’t entirely finish, and afterwards, had a deep sleep in his cave. When I went briefly to the store, he woke up and went outside for a bit. Half an hour before supper, he insisted on crunchies, and finished his lunch and then a single extra snack. We did supper at little late, to give that time to settle, and he ate most, leaving a few kibbles and treats.

Around 11, just before I fell over from heat and humidity, I served up a gourmet dish for all three kids: 1/2 tbs each of three varied flavours of kibbles, 3 (4 for Cory) each of 3 flavourrs of grain-free treats, Freya and Trick got a few cheap treats, and everyone got 3 Temptations treats. Lots of flssvours! To say Cory ate his with enthusiasm is an understatement. And I’m grateful that the other two also enjoyed it. No one’s been eating as much as I’d like recently, no matter what I offer, so it’s good to see.


Friday Photos!


Turkey stew in a sunbeam… omnomnom

Can I help you, Mom? Oh… you have the shiny flat thing again.

(Yeah, he’s a little bald in places, itching’ll do that… working on it!)

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