Video x3!

Videos of: Cory drinking water with a feeding syringe, Cory and my hairbrush, and a new version of Cory getting his kibble. All are from June 9. Leaving these uploading overnight worked, even though our Internet connection keeps cutting out during the day.

Possessive Bear is possessive!

** Lots of pics! (6) **

All right, no one’s going to want as much mundane detail as I included yesterday, so let’s summarise key info and concentrate on significant or interesting stuff plus pics and vids. (Vids later, they take forever to upload so will do overnight.)

Like so, just the key stuff:

  • Breakfast crunchies: enthusiastic – led me to the living room (7:45)
  • Breakfast gushifuds: ate a reasonable amount on his own (after water)
  • Lunch crunchies: enthusiastic, to say the least (we got video)
  • Lunch gushifuds: woke hungry from a dream but didn’t want tuna bisque, preferred leftover breakfast chicken stew; when offered a can of Fancy Feast beef pate with a small amount of warm water to change the texture, he dug in happily without needing encouragement
  • Supper crunchies: had some trouble getting and keeping them – had to drop them pretty deeply into his mouth – but he was asleep just beforehand
  • Supper gushifuds: not interested, even with encouragement – some fingerfeeding, a syringe of watered food, still no interest, even in leftovers from earlier
  • Bedtime crunchies: doubled the amount since not enough wet
  • Water: by syringe several times, including once when he woke up and kept making odd jaw motions (stopped after water)
  • Fur-pulling: started by persistently pulling fur very early, and continued intermittently through the day in sudden bouts that involved yoinking out substantial amounts from places not previously attacked

He started off the day pretty energetic, even smacked a string a few times and wanted a brief bout of towel-wrestling while being cuddled by me.

Then he wanted to be involved when I brushed my hair. (Will upload video overnight and do in a separate post.)

Brush feels goooood

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Just a day!

So, let’s try this: I’ll open a new post on my laptop every morning, and Jackie and I can add to it through the day, and post it at bedtime. Sorry if there’s way more detail than anyone else really needs. I think this is going to end up being a way of tracking trends to tell the vet, as well as a way to share, and also to help me concentrate on the good bits.

He was in a silly mood yesterday – he even tried to crawl inside an empty heavy-duty paper bag that had 10 lbs of potatoes in it originally! He got everything but his bottom into it, too, which is impressive for an 8 kg cat. :-) We’ve bumped the amount of kibble he gets from 1 tsp 3x/day to 2 tsp 3x/day plus a 1 tsp snack at bedtime. At this point, we’re more concerned with getting enough calories into him and keeping him happy than we are with a potential minor weight gain. When he was offered crunchies before bed last night for the first time in months, he was, to say the least, enthusiastic. He did need a little finger-feeding to encourage him to eat some of his wet food, which he hadn’t touched in the 4 hours since I put it out, but then he got the idea and dug in – still less than I’d like, but at least some. I don’t want him living just on kibbles.

Worn out after a good day

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Cory didn’t get the memo

Sick? What?

He’s been having a really good day. Jackie was up ahead of me, as she often is, and opened the balcony door for the cats to go out. Instead of waiting for me and getting carried out to Jackie for his kibble routine, Cory was already outside when I got up and went to the kitchen. He was wildly energetic and enthusiastic about his breakfast, and afterwards, he was still hyper. He wanted up in my closet, on the shelf, where the old oversized cat carrier is… he climbed on top of the carrier, too. Then he wanted down, then up on top of the shelves in my room that I use for some clothes. When I grabbed the 24″ cable tie he likes, he went bonkers. We missed the first spurt of energy, but we got the second one. There was a third round after we shut the camera off.

After which, he settled down for a long nap, intermittently eating his beef stew without help. Enthusiastic about his lunch kibbles, too, and now sound asleep under the 60-watt reading lamp. He’s having a very good day. (Me, less so, with various Internet and tech issues, but that’s not important.)

Coming back

Wow, it has been a really long time since I used this blog. Between Cheezland and, intermittently, Facebook, it’s been easier to just share kitty news elsewhere.

But since Cory-Bear just had a not-yet-confirmed diagnosis of cancer, which means that there’s an invisible clock ticking and we have no idea how long it will take for it to run down… I imagine there are going to be lots of updates. And honestly, posting everything in two different places is going to at best be annoying, and if things get hectic, might not be possible. This way, anyone interested in following how Cory’s doing can just subscribe, or drop by here now and then, or wait for me to share links to new posts (probably will do, but can’t promise). I’ll look at the settings and see what I can do to make things as convenient as possible for Facebook peeps and Cheezland peeps (many of which are Cheezpeeps anyway!). This is where we started, posting Cory’s story as often as possible. For however long we still have, I thought we’d come back here. I’ll toss in pics and links to YouTube vids and any updates.

Cory, dreaming, May 2018

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Trick’s belly, gratuitously

Just because. :-) He loves lying like this. Please ignore the floor that’s in need of sweeping, he’s not far from the litterbox and housework is perpetually touch-and-go here…

Click for 800×600 versions of pics.



If I fitz…

I don’t even know where this little white box came from. Boxes can live in this apartment for months, if the cats claim them, until we can’t remember what on earth they were originally from. But, recently, it’s been taken over as Cory’s fave sleepy spot… even though it’s, er, a bit of a tight fit. There’s a much larger box right beside/behind the white one, but it’s less interesting than it used to be (it was a previous fave spot). There are Avon boxes everywhere, which are a perfect kitty size. But somehow, it’s the little white one. I had to reinforce it with clear packing tape, because the corners were ripping badly.

These are from three different days (click for 800×600 versions of pics):




The others, probably inevitably, had to try too. At least it gave me some interesting comparison shots. Freya quite likes it, when she can get it without a bearcat in it.




Trick’s less keen on it. He likes the bigger boxes.



Added on the 15th: one more pic, from yesterday. Oh, and he’s back in it again…


Trick and the Dental Surgery Saga

Okay, so… shortly before Catmus, I took all three cats in for overdue vaccinations (it had been about 4 years) – mainly rabies, which is required by law annually here, but I did go along with a FVRCP booster even though I’m unconvinced that it’s necessary after initial shots and there ARE risks. Partly because we’re hoping it will help with Cory’s calicivirus attacks. I probably won’t get Trick vaccinated any more, though. But anyway…

The vet, of course, gave them a check-up. Verified that Trick’s odd lumps are harmless fatty lipomas. Noted that the odd little horny growth on Freya’s left forepaw finger-pad is probably harmless and can be removed easily at some point when she’s anaesthetised for something else. And looked at teeth. Her evaluation: Trick, one tooth resorbing, the nerve exposed; Cory, in dire need of cleaning for gingivitis; Freya, okay for now but eventually needs a cleaning.

Argh. Cat dental stuff is about the most expensive I can think of, short of emergencies.

So, using mainly the money I’ve been squirrelling away intending to get Cory’s teeth cleaned pro-actively, we came up with the money to get Trick to the vet. That was last Monday. This means, the night before, no food after 9pm, and no water after 7am. Lemmetellya, our kids were not impressed. Sleep was in short supply. Trick was so unthrilled that I thought he was going to trash Cory’s soft carrier, so we had to put him in the old small hard one, and not easily, I might add.

Get to the vet, and find out an oxygen valve isn’t working. Can’t do surgery safely. Do I want to leave him and hope that it’s easily fixed when the service peeps come, or take him home and reschedule? Dreading the idea of another night of fasting, I left him there for a bit. As it turns out, it was a major repair and all surgeries were cancelled. At least his blood work got done… Anyway, rebooked for a week’s time. (I called this a saga for a reason.) Continue reading