Happy Adoptiversary, Trick!

Today, four years ago, Trick showed up on our doorstep on a cold, drizzly day, a cute small black-and-white cat about six months old.  Loki had been yelling by the front window for hours off and on.

And, after a few hours in a back room with a comfy kitty bed and food and water, he started howling incessantly.  Since he showed every sign of being a housecat, we cautiously let him out.  He promptly began to act like he’d been there forever, and instantly became Loki’s shadow.  I’m actually kind of happy that we could never find out where he came from, because he’s so very good for Loki, and for me – and I think for Sean too, no matter how he grumbles and calls Trick the alien.  ;)

Trick told his story in an earlier post.  Here’s a picture of Trick from his first couple of days with us:

Trick in early Nov 2004, just after finding us

Trick in early Nov 2004, just after finding us

All he’s done since is fill out a bit, get bigger and stronger and healthier – and less psychotic since we got him neutered (he got a tad aggressive a few times before then).

Welcome and happy adoptiversary, Trick!  I love you, brat-baby!


  1. What a pretty cat! Nice fuzzy coat. :)

  2. Trick is almost identical to my Attila (the honey) who is long gone.

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