Hungry Eva!

Eva’s growing! She weighed in today at 4 oz even. Not surprising, given how insatiable her appetite is!

I forgot to mention this morning: last night, just after I showered, it was time to feed Eva. Even though I was dry, Eva refused to have anything at all to do with me – would not eat, would not stop crying. Sean had to feed her. It certainly wasn’t that she wasn’t hungry, so I assume it was a scent thing. She was fine at her next meal, ate for me with no problem — maybe I smelled more like me again by then! It certainly says something about the importance of scent in her world. She can’t see, I’m unsure how much she can hear. Her entire world is what she can feel and what she can smell.

The three-hour schedule seems to be working out well for everyone. Eva is more satisfied with her meals and sleeps more quickly afterwards, Sean and I are less exhausted and have time to get a bit more done around her meals, and the adult cats get more time with Sean and I without being interrupted by Eva’s meals.

We’ll have video to post tomorrow, Sean is resizing it to make it a bit easier to see online. Here’s the latest batch of pics. Enjoy!

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