More Eva Pics!

We’ve made a slight shift to Eva’s schedule. Feedings every two hours meant that she wasn’t getting enough milk to satisfy her each time, and we were having to wake her up after less than 90 minutes of sleep at a time. We’ve gone to every three hours. She gets the same total amount of milk per day, but she gets enough that she settles down to sleep with her plushies pretty quickly instead of yelling for a few minutes first. Each feeding takes longer, so she still gets lots of cuddle time. It also means I can get a little more sleep, and Sean gets a little more time to take care of other things.

The older cats are all convinced that Eva is some sort of small alien of uncertain intentions, I think. ;)

Otherwise, all’s well. Sean or I will post her weight later on, since we’ll be weighing her daily at about the same time. Meanwhile, here are a few pics from Sean feeding Eva last night.

Thank you to everyone who comments here and elsewhere and has sent love and hugs and energy! I’m sorry we just don’t have the time and energy to reply, but we’re reading every one of them, and it feels wonderful to share this — good and sad — with all of you!

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