Double bill – pics and video, Day 5!

Eva gained another quarter of an ounce, up to 4.25 oz (4.3 oz after she ate!). By my math, that’s the equivalent of a 100 pound person gaining 6.25 pounds in 24 hours. :cool:

We’re very gradually increasing the amount of milk she gets at each feeding, and after yelling briefly when the milk is gone, she settles right down to sleep when she’s back in her bed. I’d be happier with a little more by way of bowel movements, but she’s urinating at every feeding, her abdomen doesn’t feel distended (except right after a meal! :D ) and she shows no sign of discomfort, so the little bit she’s doing is apparently sufficient at the moment.

It’s amazing to watch her, day to day, and see her not only growing in size, but developing. She’s getting stronger and more coordinated, her purr is stronger and steadier, and she’s very energetic and responsive. Her fur is filling out beautifully, with stripes beginning to show especially on her face and legs and tail, and I predict she’s going to be a longhair fluffball.

Our adult cats, as you’ll see in one of the videos, are beginning to tolerate her presence better. Angel has typically supervised from a corner of the bed or her bookshelf top all along, but last night, all three were laying around watching, and Trick was certainly not in a defensive posture! They’re coming up during her feedings to sniff at her, not quite making contact, and then walking casually away with no hissing or ear flattening or the rest.

We’re going to look at the budget and see if we can arrange to get a better camera for video, since using our digital camera is resulting in some odd lighting issues and not always the best quality.

I’m told that multiple people are finding their cats reacting strongly to Eva’s voice on the videos, males and mother cats and females without kittens. Must be something instinctive about reacting to a kitten’s cry!

I spoke to the foster coordinator when I went in to pick up more KMR (milk powder for kittens). Eva will have her first vaccinations at 6 weeks, then stay with us for a further 3 until her booster shots. Then she’ll be ready for adoption. I hope she goes to the pet food store we generally buy food from — they foster kittens so they can be adopted, and have a wonderful success rate. The products are all high-end and the regular customers tend to be very devoted to their pets.

So, here are the videos. Click on “Read more »” at the bottom to see pictures.

This one, unfortunately, came out very dark due to lighting problems, andthe first bit is essentially audio-only. It does improve by the end, sorry.

This one is longer, and begins with our feline audience, before focusing on Eva.

Bonus pics:

The adult cats getting in a bit of extra time with me, right after feeding: Trick under the light, Loki against my chest, and Angel behind my legs. (I know the camera is supposed to add an extra ten pounds… I’m certain it added at least that to me, but not to them!)

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