Still growing!

Eva is up to 4.75 oz now, and it takes almost 5 cc each meal (8 meals a day) to satisfy her so that she’ll go to sleep when we put her back to bed.

She had a very large bowel movement this morning, which was good to see. Normal consistency, normal colour. I was getting a little concerned, because she just wasn’t passing enough feces despite the stimulation, but it looks like she’s okay. With any luck, she’ll be a bit more regular now.

Her fur is getting thicker and longer every time I look at her, I swear. It’s soft plush down, and stripes are becoming clearer on her limbs, tail, and face, and faintly on her body. She’s going to be a lovely long-haired orange tabby!

She’s getting more active, trying to walk instead of crawling, even though her legs can’t entirely take her weight yet, and her head is too heavy for her to hold up. But she’s trying! Her eyes are developing, as well — she reacted to the camera flash tonight for the first time (it wasn’t directed at her face, we avoid that). Soon they’ll start to open and she’ll get her first look at the world she’s clearly decided she wants to be a part of!

Sean went to a medical supply and pharmacy today, to get more gauze squares (they’re so much easier and more effective than a facecloth for stimulating her to pass waste) and look into syringes, since reusing is fine but you can only really get them clean for so long. The folks there were wonderfully helpful when Sean explained what he needed, and even gave him a few 5 cc syringes (we’ve been using 3 cc) to try, at the cost they pay for them, to see if they’d work. It’s really a great place for getting medical and first aid supplies – for Kingstonians, we’re talking about Medical Arts on Princess St.

I offered to do Sean’s daytime feedings as well as my night ones for Saturday and Sunday, since I’m not in class. He told me that was okay and I didn’t need to. When I insisted it was no trouble and he’s been doing a lot, he told me flat out that I was NOT allowed to steal his turn at cuddling and feeding Eva. LOL :D Who can argue with that?

We tried using a bottle tonight, as you’ll see in the videos, because swapping syringes partway through makes her unhappy. The problem is… she doesn’t get the milk fast enough from the bottle, even if we squeeze it to keep pressure on it, to keep her happy! When she’s getting milk at the rate she wants, she latches on and nurses quite contentedly; if it’s coming too slow, she keeps letting go and crying and looking around for an alternate source! It looks like the 5 cc syringes are going to be our best choice at the moment.

So, here are this evening’s pics (Sean fed her tonight, wearing one of my scrub tops *grin*, and I was the photographer), and we’ll get the videos up just as soon as Sean gets them uploaded to YouTube. Possibly tonight, possibly in the morning.

Thanks for all the great comments and support and compliments, everyone! Maybe she feels the love from all over the world, who knows?

Bonus pics:

Eva’s house (a medium animal crate, large enough for two adult cats; she’s about the size of one of the plushies inside; the pink shape is a ticking clock wrapped in a towel; there’s a hollow in the centre, like a nest, with a heating pad on low under one half of it):

The supervisors, Loki and Trick (please ignore the mess, somehow there’s always something more important to do than housework, and Sean says to add that the camera added to his weight noticeably, which it did):

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