Sleep and food, the important things

Kittens grow up so very fast, don’t they? I mean, just look at this picture from today!

Just kidding — call it a belated April Fools’. :)) Eva is, however, 10.25 ounces, easily three times the size she was when she came to live with us.

The other big news of the day: we’ve been holding Eva out to the adult cats to sniff at every possible opportunity. This morning, Angel not only sniffed her, but gave her one lick, which turned into at least a dozen, washing one side of her face and part of her side. Eva looked confused, mostly. I wish we’d had the camera handy! If she’ll start helping with the socializing at all, it’ll be a wonderfully useful thing, very good for Eva’s education!

I’m awfully far behind on the photos that should be posted here, and I’m hoping to get them up tonight, finishing tomorrow if necessary. Anyone wanting to make LOLcats of them on ICHC, go ahead, just put this as the source and make sure to let me know so I can add it here!

For the moment, however, here are today’s videos:

My sleepy baby girl:


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