Eva and Angel

This is what I posted last night on ICHC, translated from lolspeek:

[Leading up to this: Sean was in the kitchen, and I was on the couch watching Eva in her playpen. She fell asleep, and so did I — it’s exhausting waking up every night, you know! Sean realized I was asleep, so he checked back in the living room every few minutes. He had to pull Angel out of the playpen repeatedly because there was nowhere for her to lie down except directly on top of Eva. He finally convinced Angel to lie down against my stomach. She had a clear line of sight to Eva from there, which might have helped. I woke up curled on my side with Angel snuggled against me purring, anyway. This takes place roughly an hour later.]

9:22pm [3:22 pm ICHC]
Right now, Eva is experimenting with a bendy straw, to see how it moves and tastes and its texture so on. It’s adorable, but there isn’t enough light to video it, and I’m afraid if I move she’ll stop.

Right now, Eva’s just fallen asleep. She’s in the outer corner of her playpen, which is between Sean and I [on the couch]. Angel has placed herself on Sean’s lap so she’s looking down over Eva.

Scratch that.
Angel just stepped into the playpen, gave Eva three or four licks, and laid down in the playpen with Eva!!! Her forepaw is just barely touching Eva’s backside, and Eva’s nose is just a hair from Angel’s back foot. Not snuggled together, but in contact!

We’re almost afraid to move or breathe!

I wish we could take pictures of this without disturbing them!

If you can picture her playpen from the blog posts, Angel is lying across the middle, with her back pressed against the outer edge of the “cave”. Eva is in the outer corner sleeping. If Angel were to put her head down right now, her chin would be on Eva’s back just in front of her tail.

Eva woke up and toddled over and burrowed into the long fur on Angel’s tail, then went back to sleep. She looked so very comfortable, but she was barely visible in all the fluff! Angel let her for a couple of minutes, then got up… I think she just reached her limit.

But Eva isn’t crying right now. Usually she wakes up yelling for milk and help peeing and all. She’s lying on her back looking cute and curious and quite content.

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