Learning to Pounce

Well, Eva is now an astonishing 12.8 oz!

She’s had almost 24 hours now of her milk being mixed with canned kitten food. The first time, it was very little food in her regular milk. She was extremely enthusiastic about it — she really likes it! The second time, it was like someone hit a turbo button, she was so energetic and playful. We’ve been making it thicker each time; the last meal she’s had, about an hour ago, it was actually about double the volume due to the kitten food and a little extra water to turn it to a drinkable consistency. When she gets a chunk, she’s already got the hang of letting go of the nipple and chewing it with her back teeth. We did have to enlarge the hole in a nipple, and it still clogs at moments. Instead of voraciously gobbling everything she can, she actually stops after a while now!

Unfortunately, her tummy is still a tad rounder and tighter than I like. She’s having bowel movements — she had one tonight — but not as often as I’d prefer to see. She does burp after her meals, but she eats very quickly, and it’s not impossible she’s swallowing air that we aren’t getting out of her. With any luck, the thicker diet will help get her digestive tract working a little more smoothly, and if we can get her eating from a dish instead of the bottle, that would reduce the air swallowing. I’m not willing to force her into weaning too quickly, we’re going to be going at her speed, but it would be physically healthier for her, I think.

I was hoping to get video of her eating her “milkshake,” but unfortunately, a quick nap turned into a longer one for Sean and I both, with Eva safe between us (she snuggled against Sean and fell asleep quite happily). Since her meal was late, our priority was getting her fed, rather than finding the camera.

We do have some pre-nap video, however, of Eva exploring, playing, trying to figure out pouncing, and generally showing off how much stronger she is. Honestly, as she gets more active and playful, it’s going to be hard to decide what to video and post… I suspect Eva’s fans would just say, “So post all of it!” :))


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