Happy 4-week birthday, Eva!

Well, the plan was to get the bedroom cleaned up and kitten-proofed over the weekend. Didn’t happen.

Eva has taken to falling asleep on a long body-pillow on the back of the couch. No objections from me, she’s safe there! Last night, we scooped her up and put her in her carrier — she was very sleepy, and normally just curls up and goes back to sleep. I spent a bit of time playing with Loki and Trick on the bed, then turned around… and found her sitting in the carrier looking out through the bars watching us.

What could I do? I took her out, made her a nest out of a blanket at the head of the bed, between our pillows, and settled her there. We were both a bit nervous as to what would happen.

It worked perfectly! A couple of times I felt her moving around in the night — I sleep much more lightly than Sean does — but she was just looking for a bit of contact, and went back to sleep. And this morning, she didn’t start off the day crying, she started it off playful.

This is a huge step! Part of the difficulty all along has been how to keep her from being isolated for extended periods. If she can sleep with us at night, and be on the couch in the living room through the day, then isolation shouldn’t be a problem at all! A couple of hours in her carrier, for safety, on days Sean needs to go out is no problem at all.

Today, she’s four weeks old. That feels like a miracle, when we weren’t sure she’d live long enough for her eyes to open. She’s beaten the odds, our little treasure. She’s grown from roughly 3 ounces, her eyes and ears closed, doing nothing but eating and sleeping and growing… into 15 ounces of fluff and playfulness and affection.

I took lots of video of her today, and a number of photos which I’ll have to sort through tomorrow (I hope tomorrow). But here’s my favourite… followed by the videos of Eva eating, sleeping… and playing!

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  1. mugglemary in response to: Happy 4-week birthday, Eva!
    Mon, 13 Apr 2009 07:25:41 +0000
    happeetayl birfdae, Eva!
    ai lubs teh teensee grooming
    an teh floofee applolause in video 3!
    pinkee pinkee dans dans dans!


    KittehlessJon in response to: Happy 4-week birthday, Eva!
    Tue, 14 Apr 2009 01:28:04 +0000
    Eva is such a dear-heart. :-) I am sure she has to be one of the most-loved kittehs in the world!


    Jack Deth in response to: Happy 4-week birthday, Eva!
    Tue, 14 Apr 2009 05:22:18 +0000
    Waytless bawll ubbz fluff
    moobz awn wobblee legz untilz
    batturreez runz low

    Fewchurr Huntress inz
    t3h maykeeng watchezz andz lurnz
    a bit moarz eetch day

    Fewchurr Huntress habz
    ‘Butt Wiggill Ubz Doomz’ daown patz.
    Pownseeng, nawt so mutch

    Waytless bawll ubz fluff
    habz lawtza tyme 2 prakktiss
    ryte afturrz a Napz :-)


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