Some Major Steps!

Apologies for the delay in posting an update; it’s been a busy few days, with school and house-guests and, of course, two orphans who had to be kept separate.

Cory is getting the hang of syringe feeding, and as of last night, is up to using 5cc syringes instead of 3cc. He had his first bowel movement for us this morning, literally just a few hours before I called the foster-coordinator to tell her how worried I was. He’s brighter and more alert with every day, and dramatically so today. His URI (upper respiratory infection) is all cleared up, and his eye isn’t weepy anymore!

Monday I had only half a day of classes, including a test I couldn’t miss, and at that point Cory was still throwing fits if he was out of my reach. He came to school with me in a sling I made, modified from a design I found online. He was a big hit, and he was very good about it — although at about three weeks of age, he probably should have been a lot more feisty. Now, he’s a lot less insistant on having me personally 24/7, but he’s still quite clingy. I can’t blame him, after losing two feline moms in less than a week at such a young age.

Eva has had a major breakthrough: she’s figured out the litter box, mostly on her own!!! She no longer has any inclination to stay safely on the couch or bed, and bounces around freely attacking ankles, toes, toys, big kitties, or anything else in reach! We’re having to watch everywhere we step and every chair that shifts position, but she’s good at staying out of the way. She was five weeks old on Sunday, so next week, she gets her first vaccinations.

Since Cory’s no longer sneezing or showing other signs of being unwell, we introduced Cory and Eva to each other. Instant friendship! We do have to intervene when Eva is being playful, because she wants to roughhouse with him the way she would with a littermate, and that just doesn’t work when she’s so very much larger than him (imagine, Eva being much bigger than another cat, when five weeks ago she was so tiny!). But they snuggle together to sleep, and they look so very comfortable and content. It’s wonderful socialization for them, and as Cory gets bigger, it will be better still. It’s tricky getting pictures of a black kitten and a larger orange kitten inside a kitty carrier where they normally sleep, especially with no flash, but we did get a couple!

(laptop battery is dying, will post them in a minute)

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