Eva and Cory

by calicocoa:

(link broken by ICHC “upgrades” – I think this is the right one)

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  1. Lost comments:

    Jack Deth in response to: Eva and Cory
    Sun, 10 May 2009 17:48:16 +0000
    Bebbeh Corree habz
    Bessest Beeg Sissturr awn Erff
    2 luukz owtz 4 himz

    Eeba t3h Deeba
    summtymez plays 2 ruff, butz datz
    wutz Beeg Sissturrz duz

    Bebbeh Corree wiilz
    beez brayvv, feerless Tawm Kitteh
    himz Hewminz willz lubz! :-)


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