Weights and Such

Cory: 1 pound, 4.5 ounces
Eva: a fraction of an ounce over 2 pounds

No wonder she can flatten him when they play!

Cory will be six weeks old in the middle of this coming week, by the original estimate the Humane Society came up with. I’m a little concerned about him — not about his small size (he’s only a little smaller than Eva at a comparable age, actually) but because of his development speed. At almost six weeks of age, I haven’t been able to get him interested in any food except his milk and canned food milk from his bottle. If hand-fed Babycat kibbles one at a time, he’ll eat a few, but otherwise, that’s it. I’ve tried every suggestion I’ve had and everything I can devise, and he watches Eva eat, but he just isn’t getting the hang of it.

I’m trying not to measure his progress against Eva’s, since she’s so precocious, but he really should be at least partially weaned by now.

More later, need to go out for a few…

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    Jack Deth in response to: Weights and Such
    Sun, 10 May 2009 17:36:22 +0000
    Bebbeh Corree willz
    lurnz 2 eetz atz himz oan speed.
    Nebbur fasst ennuff.

    Summ Kittehz likkz Millk
    frum datr paws. Dat myte beez
    a gud wayz 2 stawrt

    Dip Corree’z noaz inz
    sum Millk. Himz willz getz t3h hangz
    ubz itz berreh sune :-)



    Geetu in response to: Weights and Such
    Mon, 11 May 2009 19:04:52 +0000
    I think sweetie Cory is still having some separation anxiety … since he was orphaned and then rejected by his first kitty foster mom. That may be why he only wants to feed while being held … just be patient, as Jack so poetically says in his poem above, Cory will be weaned at his own time. He is just adorable, and clearly is really thriving thanks to all your love and attention.


    Icanhasfockes in response to: Weights and Such
    Tue, 12 May 2009 02:25:02 +0000
    Ohai PK! Cory be sooooo sweet, iz sawry to hear him mite be habbing ishoos. Mai hart goes owt to teh preshus little boi cat. Ai hope he will find teh purrfect home for a snuggle-bear kitteh boi wut needs lots of lubs. Schmoos to you and your hooman and kitteh fambly.{{{{PK}}}}+{{{{CoryBear}}}}


    Harry in response to: Weights and Such
    Tue, 12 May 2009 08:41:19 +0000
    Hi PK,
    Don’t worry about Cory – he will get weaned in his own time. If he isn’t quite ready to go at 9 weeks, he will be sometime (and you might not be ready to let him go that soon either!). One day he will just decide that he is too hungry for this milk stuff, and go for the gushifuds. But I bet he will always be a cuddle-monster – and that’s a wonderful thing! As long as he is at a healthy weight, eating, pooping, peeing and active he will likely be OK. It isn’t like he is going to have to fend for himself and hunt, like he would have had to do as a feral cat. You are doing a great job with your foster kitties! Hang in there!
    Kathy aka Harry

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