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I’m so annoyed I missed the beginning of this, since the camera wasn’t in reach: Angel had Cory pinned and was washing him vigorously, much to his indignation. I think that’s a lot of why he has such a fierce at the beginning of the video. Angel is very gentle with the babycats, she’ll bat them around but doesn’t use claws or bite hard, and at most she’ll get up and leave if they get too rough.

As for this one, there are certainly times Cory has minimal response to visual stimuli (a rather blank stare) but at other times, he seems to be able to see at least somewhat. There’s a key here somewhere, I’m sure of it — colour, texture, lighting, movement, direction of movement, who knows? I’m going to watch for it. Once he has contact with his mouse, vision becomes irrelevant and impossible to judge.

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    lionelcat (frum ICHC) in response to: Cory Videos
    Thu, 14 May 2009 03:39:06 +0000
    I luv Angel’s move in the first video when she places her paw on top of Cory’s head. That’s a definite “Mom” action that means “don’t you do that young man!”
    Maybe Cory’s sense of smell is underdeveloped. That could explain the lack of interest in fdry ood and his awareness of other cats or people nearby.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing the kittens with everyone.

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