Before-Bed Playtime

Lots of videos for you! (Four, in fact!)

A new toy for Eva (well, new to her):

Loki playing… well, the part after I found the dratted camera! He was a lot more hyper before it!

The babycats playing more:

And more!

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  1. Lost comments:

    Jack Deth in response to: Before-Bed Playtime
    Sun, 17 May 2009 01:30:05 +0000
    Bawll~goez~rowndz feengee
    amz Eeba’z faybritt toy wenz
    bawll~goez~rouwndz andz rowndz

    Corree bay~urr canz
    deetekkz moashunn andz feengz upz
    cloass. Maykz play~tymez phunn

    Hangeeng buggees gibbz
    Corree bay~urr a wurkz~owtz.
    datz willz helpz himz Napz :-)


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