Meet the Silver Cuddle Puddle!

We’ve discovered that they aren’t at all sure what to do with food or litter, although they’re certainly nursing from a bottle with excellent appetite! They’re stronger and more active and inquisitive almost by the hour.

Every time I feel guilty leaving them alone, I remind myself, they have a whole room, not a cage.

They now have names, and to make it simpler to tell who is who, I made them coloured collars. Don’t panic — they can’t tighten, and they’ll slide over heads or simply come loose under much pressure, but they’re heavy enough to be hard to swallow.

So, you’ll see:
dark girl Kate (actually, Hekate, an old night goddess), in red
dark boy Ryu (“dragon spirit”, in yellow
silver girl Aurora (the dawn goddess, or the borealis/australis), in green
silver girl Zephyr (the smallest, the gentle west wind), in blue

We’re keeping them strictly separated from our own quartet. The newbies LOOK healthy, but that doesn’t mean they are. At the very least, they’re guaranteed to have worms. But ours are aware of them, and Cory may be a little jealous, so we’re making extra time for him.

There’s a fairly detailed health check aftetr the videos, for anyone who’s interested in the details — as best I can with no equipment!

Health Check:
Weight: ranges from 10.6 ounces to 11.3 ounces
Bowels, urination, appetite: all positive
Bright, Alert Responsive: yes
Eyes: blue, cornea has no visible damage, no visible cloudiness, all appear able to track to varying degrees, pupils appear to be reactive, no significant discharge
Nose: no significant discharge, no visible abnormalities
Mouth: teething; incisors are in, canines and molars are erupting, mucous membranes pale pink, cap refill time almost instantaneous, no visible ulceration or other abnormality
Ears: no indication of ear mites, clean, intact pinna
Lymph nodes: not readily palpable
Heart: no stethoscope, and they’re a tad squirmy to get a femoral pulse :)
Respiration: regular, not fast or shallow, not forced, occasional brief open-mouthed breathing possibly due to heat/humidity and/or stress
Abdomen: rounded, squishy-feeling, no palpable masses, no apparent discomfort
Hips and legs: strength improving rapidly, no visible abnormality
Temperature: not assessed, no thermometer :)
Coat: dense, soft, shiny, no dry skin/flakiness, no indication of any external parasites
Body condition: 3/5 – excellent
Other notes: high appetite, not weaned, not litter trained; stressed at first, relaxing now

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    lionelcat (frum ICHC) in response to: Meet the Silver Cuddle Puddle!
    Fri, 26 Jun 2009 00:37:58 +0000
    Thank you for sharing these videos. They already have such individual personalities. Their stubby little kitten tails are so kwoot!


    bluesfan473 in response to: Meet the Silver Cuddle Puddle!
    Sat, 27 Jun 2009 07:47:21 +0000
    Steph and Sean, I think you two have the biggest, most loving and giving hearts of anyone I have ever known. These sweet babies are so lucky to have found their way to you. I can’t even imagine how much work it must be taking care of 4 bebehs! They are adorable!


    Jack Deth in response to: Meet the Silver Cuddle Puddle!
    Sun, 28 Jun 2009 19:13:31 +0000
    Bebbeh Kittehz shoodz
    knoez dat Garbbittee waitz atz
    t3h edjj of t3h beddz

    Waytless bawllz ubz fluff
    habz jynoarmuss purr bawksez
    4 bebbehz dat syze!

    Bebbeh Kittehz willz
    habz no prawblumm fyndeeng
    dayr 4ebburr Hoam :-)


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