Cory and Loki at the Vet

Cory met his vet today, for a check-up and his booster shots. Loki needed his six-month check-up for his asthma and his borderline kidney problems, too. Sean was in a lot of pain so I went alone, with both cats in a single large carrier.

Neither one really had any problem with the short taxi ride there. The driver actually recognized Cory and I from one of his school days. :) We were a little early, but that’s okay; they got Cory’s info from the HS into the system, and we went to the cat side of the waiting area. I sat on the floor and let both out on harnesses and short leashes. Loki stayed in the carrier, but Cory came out to look around and play with a string I brought along.

The vet checked Cory over first, and heard his whole story. I’m not sure she was all that surprised I fostered him and kept him. He had a bit of gunk in one ear, but it didn’t look at all like ear mites. He hasn’t been shaking his head or scratching at it, and it’s not inflamed (she checked him out with the ophthalmoscope, took a look inside), so she just cleaned it out, and the little bit of wax from the other side too, and left it.

While she was listening to his heart and lungs, he was trying to play with her stethoscope. That made her smile. :) She trimmed his claws (I got behind, oops) and he really made no fuss about it. The only thing he really didn’t care for was getting his temperature taken, and even that was more token protest than real struggle. I gave him treats whenever he was a good boy, I hope he’ll STAY this calm at the vet! I wasn’t with him when they took a blood sample, but he was still pretty relaxed when he came back, so it must not have been too bad.

She asked if I’d done a fecal exam on him in class; I did, but for some reason while I was there it came up positive for tapeworm, not roundworm. Oops, I’ll have to correct that. She dewormed him again and gave me more for him. She also wanted to test him for FeLeuk before vaccinating him, so we had a little bit of a wait in the exam room.

While Cory was getting blood taken, Loki got examined. His diet is still not great (Fancy Feast is all he’ll eat, forget healthy food, let alone bland renal diets) but his weight is stable, which is a nice trend from his very gradual but steady drop over the past three years or so. His lungs sound pretty good, especially for a cat diagnosed with asthma two years ago!

She wanted not only blood for his six-month blood work to check his kidney function (which has been edging over normal the last couple of years), but a urine sample and a blood pressure reading. To get a decent BP reading they had to let him calm down — I could hear him yowling in anger and indignation from the exam room while they were getting the blood and urine, he HATES being restrained!

Cory tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV, yay yay yay!!!! So the vet came back, and after we fished the soundly sleeping Cory from the back of the carrier ( :)) ) she gave him his booster shot, and also at my request gave him a vaccination for FeLeuk — FIV pretty much has to be a bite from an infected cat, but FeLeuk is a bit easier and I’m paranoid and it wasn’t very expensive and it’s a very safe vaccine.

As it turns out, Loki’s urine sample showed quite a good specific gravity — that’s how much his kidneys can concentrate urine, it declines with reduced function. Normal for a cat is 1.025 – 1.050 (prnounced in a vet clinic as “ten-twenty-five to ten-fifty”)… compromised renal function makes it start dropping below 1.025, sometimes below 1.010. Loki’s is at 1.030, nicely normal! The bad news is that his urine showed high white blood cells, trace red blood cells, and a lot of cocci — in other words, a urinary tract infection. I feel terrible that I didn’t notice, although I’m trying to think of any symptoms (peeing outside the box, crying while in the box, frequent trips to the box…) and I haven’t seen any, and neither has Sean. So he’s on antibiotics for a few days.

Then Cory and I waited s’more, in the waiting area this time. Cory played a little, sat on top of the carrier and looked around at the dogs coming and going on the other side of the waiting area, charmed a couple of people, and fell asleep again.

The tech who brought Loki out to me looked rather sympathetic when Loki scrambled to my shoulder and then sat and glared at her. She was the one who did his BP, and she held him as little as possible, which helped a lot. But he still wanted to go HOME, NOW!!! Since I’d already paid, we called a taxi and went outside to wait. We had quite a long wait; Loki complained periodically, but Cory just laid quietly in the carrier and looked around and at one point rolled onto his side snuggled against Loki.

So, now I’m just waiting for the vet to call in a day or two with the results of Loki’s blood work and blood pressure, and I need to remind her to call in a new prescription for Loki’s Flovent and salbutamol. Meanwhile, Cory goes back in a month for his rabies shot, and next Wednesday, Angel and Trick go in to get their vaccinations!

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    bom_momme in response to: Cory and Loki at the Vet
    Sat, 04 Jul 2009 00:15:53 +0000
    Yea fore da v-e-t visit. Poor Loki, ai doen blame himz, due dey take da blood pressure on da tail? Mikey’s v-e-t does eet that wae. Pleese due nawt feel bad dat U didnt see ani signs of da infecshun, kitteh’s iz sneekee.


    Icanhasfockses in response to: Cory and Loki at the Vet
    Sat, 04 Jul 2009 02:49:45 +0000
    PK, you are truly the matron saint of feline care. I don’t know how you do it! I’m glad all teh kittehs are doing well, and hope Loki gets better quickly.
    {{{{{{PK, Seanya, kittehs}}}}}}

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