The SCP Running Wild!

The Silver Cuddle Puddle – Ryu, Kate, Zephyr, and Aurora – are on the loose, in our messy and cluttered apartment! Cory’s having the time of his life, and the big kitties are fleeing in terror!

For the record, the SCP have been here for just about two weeks now, and have shown no sign of illness. They’re pretty much guaranteed to have worms, and granted they could be carrying something that isn’t showing — but it’s a balance because they need to learn more about socialization than they’re going to get locked in the back bedroom alone except for my spending an hour or two a day with them. We’ve had them in the living room just on the couch a couple of evenings, but they’re getting too active to settle for that. So they’ll now be getting some supervised time loose in the apartment.

They’ve mastered the litter box — no mistakes since Thursday, and not many for a couple of days before that.

I’m very proud of them for how far they’ve come with weaning. They all know how to eat wet food (with a little kitten milk replacer powder mixed in) now. However, the bottle is still a huge comfort/intimacy thing for them, one they’re clearly reluctant to give up. If I cuddle a baby against my chest and hold the dish of canned food in the other hand, they’ll eat it happily — presumably because of the contact. I’m being cautious about removing the bottle entirely too quickly, since I don’t want to cause long-term psychological issues, so I’m reducing the amount and frequency, and watering it down more.

They’ all have very loving and cuddly personalities, and love falling asleep in contact with us or on top of us. Kate (red collar) is the most quiet and polite and patient, willing to wait her turn but enthusiastic when she gets it, purring vibrantly when she’s being held. Aurora (green collar) is thoughtful, and was the first to use the litter box AND the first to eat the wet food. Zephyr (blue collar) is the smallest, and can be highly assertive about demanding her turn or the attention she wants, but once she gets it, she’s sweet and cuddly. Ryu, the one male, who is currently not wearing his yellow collar, loves to explore and play.

They’ll all need forever homes in 3 to 4 weeks, after their second set of vaccinations, through the Kingston Humane Society.

Below are videos of the SCP and Cory. :)

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  1. onions and petunias in response to: The SCP Running Wild!
    Sun, 05 Jul 2009 20:03:49 +0000
    First photos of Cory for a while – he got BEEG. Not long ago, he was just the size of one of the SCP. And he’s more beautiful than ever. So cute to see him playing with the babies, and they seem to enjoy it, too. You guys are the best! So many babies getting a good start in life because of you.


    onions and petunias in response to: The SCP Running Wild!
    Mon, 06 Jul 2009 03:30:51 +0000
    ooo, and forgot to ask, what does Angel think about the SCP? Is she still taking care of Cory?


    Steph Shangraw in response to: The SCP Running Wild!
    Mon, 06 Jul 2009 03:50:11 +0000
    Angel doesn’t appear to have any particular opinion about the SCP either way — maybe because they were older when they came here than Eva or Cory were? She does tolerate them, including one of them poking her nose in Angel’s gushifud at supper tonight, but doesn’t really seek them out unless they’re crying in distress.
    She is, however, still looking after Cory, who is rapidly becoming a big boy who doesn’t need it (goodness, when did my tiny bear turn into this gorgeous panther who’s all legs?). She still washes him, much to his disgust! LOL She lets him get away with stealing her food, cuddling against her even when it’s hot, and just about anything else, things she would never put up with from Loki or Trick!


    onions and petunias in response to: The SCP Running Wild!
    Mon, 06 Jul 2009 17:56:53 +0000
    And is that purring I hear on the videos? From Cory? Loud!

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