SCP Pics Overload!

Tomorrow morning, the Silver Cuddle Puddle go to the Humane Society for their second vaccinations and deworming, and then go up for adoption. I believe they’re going to the Kingston PetSmart. I’m sending them with 4 copies of a CD of pictures and videos, which will also have a link to this blog. If their new families are willing to let the babycats’ fans know how they’re doing, I’d be delighted, but that’s up to them and what they’re comfortable with.

We’re going to miss them very much, they’re all so sweet and loving, although it will be a relief to have less competition for time, hands, and laps.

I hope to get more pics today, especially of the dark babies, but this is the last of what I have now. Warning: LOTS of pics, including a couple of Cory mixed in.

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    bom_momme in response to: SCP Pics Overload!
    Sun, 26 Jul 2009 21:26:56 +0000
    Good bye little ones. I will always remember you and the joy brought us all.


    TessM in response to: SCP Pics Overload!
    Mon, 27 Jul 2009 07:34:49 +0000
    what a gud job u have dun! u an seanya can haz such a big prowd!1!


    Josh and Kristy in response to: SCP Pics Overload!
    Tue, 14 Sep 2010 21:57:55 +0000
    We adopted little Aurora (but we call her Daisy now!) last July, and she has been very cute and a bit of a troublemaker! She loves her home and cuddling with her sister and brothers.

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