Scary Kitty Marionette!

Steve has this cute marionette – it looks like a sealpoint Himalayan cat. he got it out the other day, and Eva was terrified of it! Unique and Tira wanted to play with it, but Eva didn’t want to be near it. It has little wooden feet that make clipclop noises on the floor – she especially didn’t like that! She eventually got close enought to sniff it, then decided she REALLY does not like it. She would run from the room, come back a couple minutes later, and if she saw the puppet, even if Steve wasn’t doing anything with it, she would run away again! So much for being a big tough tiger!!

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    cweenmj in response to: Scary Kitty Marionette!
    Fri, 14 Aug 2009 21:51:07 +0000
    Eva’s so BIG! How heartening to all of us to know she has become a happy, healthy cat! Special schmoooz to Steph for giving her a chance to grow!!


    mugglemary in response to: Scary Kitty Marionette!
    Sun, 13 Sep 2009 07:05:43 +0000
    Thank you for update! It’s sooo funny sometimes what scares our babies – I wish they could tell us!
    Schmoos to Unique an plastic!!!
    An to Eva teh Diva!

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