Angel’s Sweater Moment

This may look excessively dark on some monitors, and I apologize.  These are hard moments to catch her in with a camera at hand, since they’re much less frequent these days.  I have some misgivings about posting something once so very private for her, but since she’s far less secretive these days, I think it’ll be okay.

When Angel first came to us, she would steal sweaters in the middle of the night and drag them to a more private place to hold them in her teeth, knead vigorously, and purr at astounding volume. If we caught her, she’d abandon it and run.  She now tends to drag sweaters TO us and do this in the same room, and demand cuddles immediately afterwards. The weight she can pull is amazing, we’ve found large heavy sweaters, even afghans, dragged considerable distances. She does NOT suck on it or swallow any fibres, that’s a different and much more dangerous behaviour.

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