Say Hi to Tiggs!

After a long hiatus, it looks like I’m back to fostering again — now for the new, no-kill, all-volunteer Kingston Animal Rescue.

Tiggs is a really sweet tabby girl with beautiful orange highlights. She turned up as a stray and a compassionate person was feeding her and letting her come inside. Then in July Tiggs had a litter of five kittens! (I’ve seen the pics, they are too adorable!) This wonderful person took good care of her, found homes for the kittens, and contacted KAR because the Humane Society said she’d very likely be euthanized if she was taken there, and Tiggs’ guardian angel cares very much about her but couldn’t keep her.

So, she’s here in our back bedroom, since yesterday evening. She’s settled in wonderfully, making herself right at home.

As far as I can tell, she’s very young. She’s very fine-boned and small, and a bit underweight (it amazes me she could carry and feed five kittens at all at her size!). Very healthy otherwise, though, and very alert and interested in her surroundings.

These pictures are from last night, when she was lurking under the bed but didn’t mind at all when I reached under to pet her (oh, she loves ear-rubs and chin-rubs and cheek-rubs and strokes along her whole spine!!!).

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