Tiggs’ Nest

Last night, we set up a radio, with the volume on low, in Tiggs’ room. I made her a sleepy-spot on the bed underneath a reading lamp with a 60-watt bulb in it, something one of my cats with similar short fine fur (now across the Rainbow Bridge) used to love, and she took to her artificial sunbeam immediately! I found her snuggled into it this morning. She gets up to eat, play, soak up sun on the windowsill, but goes right back to that nest, even when I turned the lamp off through the day when the sun was falling on that spot. :D

She’s not so sure about other cats, but I let my youngest, Cory (see earlier in this blog!) sneak in to say hi a couple of times. The first time he was in a carrier so there were bars between them; twice after he was loose. That was a judgement call, since all she seems to do with intruders is hiss, and Cory doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his furry little black body, he wants to be friends and won’t react aggressively no matter what she does. She loves being petted, stroked, rubbed, generally loved, so much that it over-rides anything else, including Cory being only about two feet from her on the bed examining her toy mouse!

She’s a very loving little girl, and once she has her own forever-human(s), I think she’s going to give them so much love….

For all of today’s pictures, see this directory.

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