Playful + Affectionate = Tiggs

Tiggs has definitely claimed her room as her own domain!

She’s eating plenty, after a day or so of only nibbling, and loves her cozy nest.

She’s getting better about tolerating Cory in her room while I’m there, maybe because he’s completely non-threatening and, while twice her size, not much older. She warns him, he looks at her in confusion, and flops where he is. I’m hoping that in time she’ll learn that other cats are not necessarily a threat to her. She’s not “aggressive” in a common sense, she can be easily distracted from a warning by dragging a shoelace in front of her or making her mouse toy squeak; I think it’s more fear, she’s a little girl who believes she has to look tough all the time to keep herself safe. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, here are a few videos of her:

Playing 1: Pounce!

Playing 2: Monkey Bars?

Playing 3: Both Paws!

Cuddly Kitty is Cuddly!

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