Tiggs’ Housemates: Cory and Co

For those who don’t know my resident cats, I thought you might like a look; for those who do, I thought you might like new pics of them. :)

Angel, the only female, foster-mom extraordinaire to orphaned babycats

Trick-or-Treat, the resident clown and massage-therapist

Cory, aka Cory-Bear, who understands nothing but love and friendship and playing

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    Geri in response to: Tiggs’ Housemates: Cory and Co
    Sat, 23 Oct 2010 13:06:43 +0000
    Awwwww. tjhey look so angelic when they are sleeping! It must get awfully crowded in your apartment. Tiggs is in very good company all ’round.
    May Cory continue to know nothing but love. You have a nice little “feline family”. Thank you for sharing the pics!

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