It Lives! (cue spooky music)

Due to yet another bout of depression/anxiety, I stopped keeping up with blogging for quite some time.  I recently discovered that my foster blog was deteriorating and I was going to lose the contents, and in general decided that it made more sense to just put everything in the same blog.  After all, it’s only likely to be my friends who read this, and at least this way, maybe it will stay updated!  :lol:

I’ve imported the posts from my fosters blog that chronicled the kittenhoods of Eva-the-Diva and Cory-Bear and the others, the posts from my blog for my own resident furkids, and the posts from the wordpress blog I had before that I used for assorted ramblings.  As of now, I still have a lot of “housework” to do, since most of the imported posts came with no tags or categories.  The comments couldn’t be carried over properly from the foster and cats blogs, since they were in a different program, but I did save them — how could I willingly lose Jack’s poetry, or the splorts of my friends?

I’m going to work on getting this cleaned up.  At some point I’ll also work on a more customized theme, but that can wait a little.

Funny how this kind of “housework” gets done even though the physical kind doesn’t….

Bear with me!


  1. PK: you’ve done a wonderful job with little Houdini. I still think he and your other fur-beebehs will make friends, even though it may be a “long shot”. Best of luck and I’ll check your “new blog” out further quickly.

  2. Hi prysma
    I’m gllad you have your blog up again.. :)

  3. Thanks! {{{{{{{{{{OK and peg}}}}}}}}}}

  4. PK,I came over here to talk about Mitz.
    She does this every summer,but it seems to get worse every year.
    Inside cat only,no fleas,have checked and rechecked. A misquito could have gotten in,but it would have bitten me,as they love me.
    The fur,from the middle of her back to the base of the tail seems raised and thinner.
    She is a “Full Figgured” gal,so can’t reach her back.
    She seems much more comfortable after the Dawn/Batadine bath,tho her back is still touchy..
    I’ll give her another bath soon.

  5. Thanks least I’m on the right track.. Her coat is very thick,as tho she has 3 layers rather than the usual 2 ,and was somewhat oily,as she hadn’t had a bath in years.. The area does not smell like mange or an infection.. If I can find some shampoo on line,I’ll get it – none of the stores I can get to have anything…

  6. An update on Mittz — No more pulling chunks of hair out!! 3 baths with Batadine Scrub and Dawn seem to have done the trick. She may get another bath tomorrow,mabe not..

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