Cory and Freya – BFF

So. Houdini went to a new foster home back in August, since our kids simply refused to accept him and he was understandably unhappy in a single room no matter how much time I spent with him – which upset ours, that they couldn’t reach me. He has a house and a calico girl his own age to play with and understanding humans, until his forever home finds him.

Freya, however, has definitely concluded that this is her home and her family forever. Trick adores her, I’ve lost count how often I’ve seen him washing her ears and head, and they ruin around playing sometimes. Angel accepts her, occasionally gives her a few licks and will sleep right next to her, although now and then they have a brief disagreement over things like who has right of way. (Wouldn’t you think the older one, who weighs close to twice as much and is so fluffy she looks even larger, would automatically win? Clearly not!) And Cory thinks she’s the best thing that ever happened! Trick just never wants to play enough, but Freya’s always ready to!

She’s still a tiny little thing. She got pregnant so young, I think maybe her body put all its resources into the kittens (I still can’t picture her pregnant with 5 kittens!) and not so much into growing. She’s filled out a bit, but I doubt she’s more than 7 pounds. She’s incredibly dynamic and expressive and just overflowing with life.

Cory is still extremely active and playful, but he’s considerably larger than her. A new vet at my usual clinic screwed up, gave him steroid pills for a lip ulcer instead of the injection I wanted (stupid me, assuming she had a good reason). His weight spiked insanely in a matter of days even though he wasn’t eating any more – not a little bit, but so much he can’t clean under his own tail. That was, um, a year and a half or two years ago. To say I’m furious that this vet turned a small discomfort into a serious quality of life and long-term health issue would be an enormous understatement. That said, we’re still working on it, and he’s happy and bouncy and loving and generally his usual sweet self, and he still makes jumps that I’m pretty sure defy the laws of physics.

Despite the size difference, Freya isn’t the least bit intimidated by him, and has no hesitation about bunnykicking him into next week if he gets too rough. Mostly, they run madly around the house, Cory chasing Freya, until she ducks into or under someplace he can’t get in, and he lurks in ambush until she dashes off again. Sometimes his idea, sometimes hers. If I’m playing with Freya with kitty-string or laser, Cory watches and every so often charges madly into the middle of things, making as much noise and chaos as possible, then scoots off to lurk until his next charge.

Enough with the narrative! You want pictures? We gots pictures! (hover over pics for captions :-) , click for larger version)

For some reason, Seanya’s back brace is a consistently popular kitty toy…. :lol:

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