Random Pics

Just a few pictures I caught over the past few days – and one older one that never got uploaded.

Ohnoes, Trick is broken!

Cory in my fleece shawl (he loves this).

The camera coming out annoyed him, but ear-rubs make everything all better!

Angel in a silly mood. :-)

The real reason I spend so much time semi-conscious!

Floofy vibrating back-warmer.

Your fingers has a flavour!

Sean: I’m going to the store now, be right back! Um, at least I’m going after I get Trick out of the basket of my walker!
Trick: Who, what, me? I’m coming too!
Cory: Seriously, dude, you think they’ll let you get away with that?

Cory, on a kitty bed under a 60-watt reading lamp on a cool day

I woke up to Freya chittering in the window at the birds. Cory heard it too and came to check it out. I had the camera in reach and managed to get just one more or less clear shot of the two of them.

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