This is Friday night. Since Saturday evening, Angel’s had tummy problems (diarrhea, a bit of vomit), which has gone a bit up and down – and now Cory’s got the runs too. Vet has Angel on antibiotics, since stool sample showed gram-negative bacteria and clostridium, and wants Cory on the same to see if it helps. Both are acting normally, though, eating and drinking and active and all.
This is Angel yesterday evening:

So, we’ll see what happens.
Trick, meanwhile, has a tendency to believe that all the warm spots under reading lamps belong to him whenever he wants them, even if they’re already occupied, and has been known to try to push and bat Cory or Freya to get them to move. (Cory, btw, attempts this on Freya at times, too. Who says cats don’t learn from each other?) In this case, I scooped Trick up, rearranged the blanket and catbed and the lamp, and settled Trick beside Freya in hopes of demonstrating that they could share.

Trick: Do I leave in protest of this indignity? Or do I stay here with half the warm spot?
Freya: Whatever. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Trick: Yeah, okay, maybe not so bad. But I’m not letting Mom get pictures of me leaning against you!
Freya: But you were keeping my back warm!
Trick: She’s going to put them on the Intertubes for the whole world to see, y’know! I’d never live it down!
Freya: Whatever. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Freya: NOW what are you doing?
Trick: These paws don’t stay white by themselves!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the bed:

Angel: Yes, Mom, that’s just the right spot, stay right there!

Freya: Would you PLEASE lie still? I need to rest up for tonight’s play-session so I can be sure to tire Mom out.
Trick: Mom’s right there petting Angel. Right in front of us! What are we, chopped liver?
Freya: Mmmzzzz. Oh, Buster, the catnip flowers are beautiful, and a box of chopped liver shaped like mice too…. You Europeans are so romantic….

Trick: They’re still at it! And we got hardly any pettings at all!
Freya: I’ll follow you anywhere with that string on your tail….
Angel: PuuurrrrrrRRRRRrrrrRRRRrrrrrRRRRR

Trick: Oh, I give up, you just don’t care that we aren’t being given our fair share of attention, do you? It isn’t fair for Mom to treat us like this!
Freya: Treats… a field of treats, all moving around and trying to escape, just waiting to be pounced and NOMMED….

Trick: By Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat and Halfway-up-the-stairs Cat, I WILL make sure I get my fair share of lovings and earrubs! I will have justice!
Freya: Look at all the big plump mice, a whole meadow of just mice….

Angel: *insert bed-quivering purr here* *earthquake head-and-body shake in 3… 2… 1…*

Freya: Why’s the bed shaking? Oh, hi, Trick, you’re still here? Sorry, I fell asleep while you were talking.
Trick: Phhhhbbbbbtttt!

And where’s the Cory-bear through all this?

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  1. PK: I saw you at the LOLcats parade today (Mar. 4) and was so glad to see you posting. I decided I needed to visit your web site and see if there were any new pictures, etc. How glad I am! Freya is so cute and she reminds me so of my heart kitteh, Squeaky, it’s unreal. She was so teeny even at age 18/19. Just like Freya, never more than 7 pounds. With paws no larger than my thumb.
    Havva gud wun adn sees ya later. :)

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