Presents from a friend

I’ve been making lots of kitty toys and sending them to friends, and loving the pics and vids of happy kitties. Today, my furkids got a present, from spotstarmom! So, of course, we took pictures.

Hello, What’s this?


Hey, what’ve you got? Let me see!


Nooo! My toys!


Come on, let me see! Mom!!!


Ha, got one all of my own now.


Oooh, I like this!




Don’t care if you hog the rest….


Angel, speaking for herself

Trick, who is less sensitive to catnip than honeysuckle, observed with interest and investigated one.
Currently, Cory is wandering around the apartment cheek-rubbing EVERYTHING and purring madly, and both girls are sound asleep. LOL


  1. YAY!!! I am so glad they liked the pouches. Did you like the earrings?

  2. Great pix of beautiful kittehs and their new toys! Thanks for posting them!

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