We’re NOT Together

Although they are  not physically joined  … they are often very close.  Even in summer heat … the four “kids” are usually found fairly close to each other.

Trick shows us his warming up pose …

… then he turns himself inside-out to cool down.  Being computer geek, I always say that his tummy hairs are very much like a heat sink – allowing heat to find a way from his self.

Freya showed up during Cory & Trick’s nap, although it took nearly 15 shots to get a picture of her that was not just a blur!  Even though she goes goes goes … even Freya needs to stop for a break.

After a quick break, she is ready to play [and be off to cause all heck] again – while the boys are still napping on the futon about 2 feet from her.



Hope you enjoy these pics!


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  1. O hai! Ur kittehs are very cute. :)

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