If I Had a Million Dollars

Actually, it would take more than a million to not only build it but to maintain it, but hey.

The general idea is of a cat hotel, especially for people who have sudden emergencies and need a safe place their furkids will be loved, combined with a no-kill cat sanctuary encouraging people to come in and spend time socializing with the cats before adopting one – or just come hang around, if you can’t adopt. Second floor would be an apartment for Seanya and I and our own furkids.

If the money ever appeared, which seems highly improbable to say the least, nothing would be done until after I talked to a vet tech with considerable experience dealing with rescue situations, and a green-friendly architect to make it as efficient as possible! But I wouldn’t want it larger than this, I think, there’s no way I’d be able to keep up with it.

Sorry about the bad artwork – I’m a writer and a crazy cat lady, not an artist! Should get the general idea across, anyway. (Click for full-size)

Prysma's Cathouse Dream - Floor Plan

Edited to add:

A friend on Facebook sent me this link as a comparison: http://www.catsmeowinn.com/ This got me thinking, because these are seriously luxury accommodations for cats! But there’s a lot there that makes me uncomfortable – all that wood, the outside runs being unfinished wood at that, would be hard to keep clean and unscathed with possibly stressed cats around, to begin with. The need for a minimum stay of 3 days, longer at some times of year. The need for reservations. The statement that they will do flea treatment with Advantage without getting your consent first. The need for vaccination documentation – yes, contagious illness IS a hugely important issue, but there’s some serious doubt about the possibility that we’re over-vaccinating our cats to a destructive degree. Having cages right at floor level with cats taking turns running around free worries me. So does the fact that they have a goose/duck pond/marsh… and outdoor runs that would look like a mosquito buffet. Yep, looks like an amazing place, not putting it down – but very different basic concept.

I think my target for the boarding side is less about luxury for cats whose humans are off on cruises, and more as immediate loving safe care for cats whose humans’ lives have been disrupted by sudden hospitalization, their own or family members, or by fire or flood or other household crises, or the other million and one things that arise unexpectedly. There’s no time for reservations, for vet check-ups, and a high probability of extremely distressed cat(s). Mine would, I’m afraid, incorporate more sealed-and-painted cement, tile, and even linoleum than it would wood – with lots of rugs and things that can be picked up and cleaned between residents.

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