Angel’s Progress

As of this morning, Angel has had seven injections of insulin and I’ve lost count of how many cans of Fancy Feast pate. We figure less-than-ideal wet food is better than either kibble, which is higher in carbs, or not eating at all, so we’re letting her have as much as she wants. We’re sticking with pates, since they don’t have all the wheat gluten and all that the flaked and chunky and sliced ones do, but she seems fine with that. She’s unthrilled with wet foods that have better quality protein in them, but we’re still trying. A couple of friends have suggested a raw diet, which is still on the table as a possibility, too. Diet is hugely important, but with cats, sometimes you make compromises.

She’s doing great with the injections. Mostly, Seanya gives her rough-ish ear-rubs and snuggles, and I give her the injection. She’s more annoyed by the process of trying to get a grip on a fold of skin and find the skin under the fur than she is by the injection itself! Nicewitch suggested warming the filled syringe in a hand for a minute before the injection, something her human doctor told her would keep the cold insulin from stinging, and it seems to make a big difference – before that, the only moment she winced was when I actually pressed the plunger in. We make sure she’s just had a meal beforehand, so we know she ate, and she gets lots of cuddles afterwards.

This morning, after all the usual morning stuff, I opened the knee-height window to the balcony enclosure – it’s chilly these days, but they still like going out for a few minutes. Angel hasn’t wanted to be out for more than a few seconds in over a week, I actually can’t recall the last time she wanted to be out for long after spending pretty much all night every night out there all summer. This morning, she walked away from a fresh bowl of ice water, and all but shouldered me aside to go outside! None were out all that long, but she was the last one in. We’re taking this as a good sign that she’s feeling better. Various friends with experience, including a human diabetic, have assured methat yes, it is possible for her to be feeling better this quickly. As my human diabetic friend says (Ohai, anni!!!) “With too much glucose in the blood, she would have felt sluggish, tired, thirsty, unable to see as clearly as usual and possibly nauseous. I had most of those symptoms – but once I was on a sensible diet that reduced the blood glucose, I was fine – didn’t even need medication for several years.”

With today the anniversary of Nermal crossing the Bridge, it’s encouraging to think of Angel having a promising future with her diabetes caught early and controlled early. I can’t change anything that happened with Nermal, but I can be glad of what I learned from it and that it’s helping my Angel-grrl!

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