Angel Ups and Downs

Yesterday (Sunday) we checked Angel’s blood sugar for the first time. (She has her own, kitty calico-brayted glucometer – it’s purple. ;) )

Normal for a cat is 8. Angel’s, on her blood work a week and a half ago and our lesson visit Wednesday, was between 24 and 25. Sunday, after three and a half days of insulin and all the Fancy Feast pate she can eat, was at 15.5. Yay! It’s working!

We had visible evidence of this, too. While trying out the new mattress Saturday, she started doing playful little head-dives and, for a minute or two, played! Earlier on Saturday, she was feeling so much better she all but shouldered me out of the way so she could go on the balcony, which she’s had little interest in for a while now. :-)

We weren’t as smooth with getting the blood sample from the vessels in her ear as we could have been, I had to prick her multiple times with the lancet, and every time she flinched, I felt terrible. Luckily, lots of cuddles and a few treats and she forgave and forgot the whole thing. I’m not looking forward to the day the vet wants 4 results at 4-hour intervals to see the curve!!!

This evening (Monday) Angel has vomited a couple of times, small amounts of acid, and she’s eating less, although not nothing at all. We thought about this, re-read the instructions from the vet, and decided that for tonight, we’d skip her injection. The vet says blood sugar slightly too high is better than slightly too low, and while she’s not stabilized at a normal level yet, we’re both a bit nervous about giving her an insulin shot when she’s eaten less than usual. We’ll resume normal schedule tomorrow morning, and hope that we made the right decision.

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