New mattress!

My dad called me Friday night to see if they could stop by on Saturday because they were going to be in town. Sure, no problem. What I wasn’t expecting was that they had a surprise.

I’ve had an antique 3/4 bed, halfway between a single and a double, for as long as I can remember – since I was a kid, anyway. My mom put a huge amount of work into sanding and repainting it. I’m extremely attached to it, and it seems to be the only place I can really sleep properly. It’s soft (no box spring), and just the right size for me and assorted felines. The problem is, finding mattresses for it is, to say the least, hard.

Dad and Kimmie showed up to tell us there was a mattress waiting, we just had to call the furniture store and okay the delivery, and they’d even take away my (extremely battered) old mattress. This one is an awesome high-quality pillow-top one with a ten-year warranty, so I’m set for a long time!!!

How do the kids feel? Well. While I was attempting to strip the old mattress, Cory, who was lying in the middle of it, calmly watched me freeing the corners and moving the pillow and the books that had collected in the inner corner and all, without ever moving – I had to physically remove him. Trick decided that the old mattress, at an angle while being removed from the frame, was a really neat place for a stroll. Poor Freya, who was hiding under the bed because company makes her nervous, was spooked out and ran for a new hideyhole. Bringing in the new mattress freaked all of them out.

However, once the dust settled (barely), exploration began. Followed promptly by attempts to add as much kitty cheek-rub-scent and kitty-fur to the new addition as possible to make sure that it’s clearly marked as “approved.”

This bed is Angel-approved!

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Your bed, I likes it. Mine now.

Breaking in a new bed….

… oh, teh hardships of it!

Prysma and the boys testing out the sleepability.


Cory and Freya approve.


  1. Dassa Keows JAWB, tew kubbr alla deh beyud wiff laeyun aeraund (adn lossa saleepyn tew) tew klaeym deh beyud azz DEREZ, kuzz dey izz aelaouwun yew tew kat nayup dere awn oekkae… okaeyys… sumtaiyumz wehn yew izz fawul aout adn saleeyp, deyun dey joifeullee laeyz awl aekrawws yew cuz Keows laiyuk tew saleep sawft adn wawurm, dayutz dere speasheultee yew knoe!!

  2. Yep, obviously kitteh approved all right!

  3. It now has been marked and claimed by the kitties but you will be allowed to sleep there because you belong to them. Cats often like to have a pet person and you are theirs!!

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