Awesome Angel news!

To jump to the end bit first: Angel’s now on half the dose of insulin she started on three weeks ago!!! (also, is a video in this one!)

So, my poor vet had a crazy-busy Monday, left early on Tuesday because she was sick, and called me today on her way out the door to go home again still sick. :(

We skipped Angel’s injection last night because we weren’t sure what was going on and figured that was safer.

Weird little bit: I had trouble sleeping last night, anxiety was high, in part over Angel, and she was in my dreams a lot. Dreams started off sort of frantic and stressed and scared, but I kept waking up, petting the Angel-grrl right next to my head, and dozing off, and by morning, the tone of the dreams was actually calm and confident and practical. And when we did a BSL thi morning before her shot, it went so smoothly and quickly it was just amazing. Subconscious coming to grips with things? Dunno, but the whole test only took a couple of minutes this morning: polysporin-with-pain-relief on the underside to help numb, rubrub the ear (I checked with a small LED flashlight before and after – WOW does a vigorous rubbing ever make a difference in visible and available blood vessels!!!), vaseline on top, one prick, perfect sample, reading in seconds, pressure on puncture, polysporin on top where the puncture was, tuna Temptations, all done. Result, after 24 hours since last injection and that was a half dose: 8.6

We did 1 unit again, and I called the vet office.

Before the vet called back, Angel surprised us: she dug a catnip-honeysuckle toy (made locally for a local pet store, my cats LOVE these!) out from under the kitty beds on my bed and spent at least ten minutes playing with it!!! Note that she didn’t flee off the bed the instant we were done the BSL, AND that she had pretty much dismissed it so quickly you can still see the vaseline and polysporin making her ear look shiny, AND that she’s feeling so good she’s playing!!! I edited over 6 minutes of video down to three and a half, at least:

AngelPlaying by prysmcat

The vet, who called a few minutes ago, was delighted.

She says that the low readings are fine, on this insulin she’s seen cats down in the range of 2 who show no signs of hypoglycemia so 4 with no symptoms is just fine. And because of all the results… Angel’s now down to 1 unit of insulin twice a day, instead of 2 units!!!!! We do another curve in two weeks to see if we can drop it to every 24 hours instead of every 12. She’s very optimistic at this point that we’re going to get the diabetes into remission and get Angel OFF the insulin entirely, and it’ll be only her diet to watch for the rest of her life – which can be long and healthy.

Moral of the story: diabetes in cats is not necessarily catastrophic!!!!

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