Angel’s Blood Curve Day

We’re certainly getting the hang of doing the tests.
1) Rub ear vigorously to get blood moving lots (and get Angel relaxed and happy)
2) Polysporin wif pain releef on underside of ear
3) Vaseline on upper surface of ear
4) Small strong LED flashlight to pinpoint vessels in ear
5) Prick, get blood drop
6) Apply pressure to spot, follow by polysporin on the upper surface (Angel has, btw, figured out that as of this step she can stop being grouchy because there won’t be any more pricks and there will be….)
7) Give Angel waiting dish of fishie gushifuds with a couple of treats garnishing it, tell her repeatedly how awsum she is for tolerating this

We’re a couple of days late on the curve day, due to life happening (blog post coming on my neurofeedback assessment). But we’re doing it today, no matter what. (She says with ungrounded optimism).

First result, just before her morning injection of 1 unit of insulin (twice per day, since last curve day a little over 2 weeks ago): 5.1
Kitty target is, of course, 8 – and a little over two weeks ago, when we did a morning test just after dropping her to 1 unit from 2, it was 8.6

Second result, four hours after her insulin: 5.0

Vet, it turns out, is in surgery today, is there until 4pm, and then is OFF until Jan3! Eek! Good thing we’re doing this today and didn’t wait another day!

Third result: 6.1

Clinic called at almost 6pm, vet was running extremely late and asked a tech to call. Two readings aren’t enough, understandably, for her to make a call, although she’s happy with the numbers. She left a note for the vet on tomorrow, and we’re supposed to call with, hopefully, a fourth number – I explained that getting a fourth reading on Angel is questionable, because after three, she’s getting so pissed off that she sees us coming and instantly gets so worked up that no result is going to be reliable anyway… but we’ll try. She’s also going to check on what it would cost for them to order replacement test strips for us. The glucometer came with 25, but we had a bit of a steep learning curve, oops. The things are seriously expensive, even the cheapest I can find online is over $1 per strip! One website says (at length) that the specialized glucometer is a  rip-off and no better than a human-calibrated one… I have some doubts about that, but no real evidence either way. However, since this is what we have, this is what we’ll go with.

So, life with our diabetic floofygrrl goes on. :-) Stay tuned tomorrow for whether we got a fourth number and What The Vet Says.

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