Three Kitty Videos

Wow… I’ve spent so much of this year fighting with depression meds, and the good part so busy with Cheezland, that I’m waaaaaay behind on kitty pics and videos!!!

I’ll be working on them over the next little while.

Cory is three and a half years old… but Angel is still his (adopted) momcat, obviously! He was completely blissed-out by the time I got this video. :-)

Angel grooming Cory by prysmcat

Talk to your cats about catnip…. unless you want them to end up like this.
Which does, I admit, have its entertainment value!
A not infrequent, though irregular event here, is a catnip party: spread a blanket on my bed, find a couple of wide low boxes, provide plenty of lose catnip, and watch the fun. It makes a terrible mess all over the apartment, of course, but the cats love it and we get a few laughs out of it.

CatnipPartyAftermath by prysmcat

Our tiny tireless tabby Freya showing off a little of her agility and energy on our battered old climber, with a couple of the toys I make.

Freya-String-Climber by prysmcat

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