Kitteh Present

Thanks to the gift of an awsum Cheezpeep, who informed us that we were to spend it on something fun, our purrkids got something special to help with their increasing cabin fever. :) It’s 66 inches high, so taller than either of the older ones; it’s sturdier than the one that we had to assemble ourselves, too.

Trick was on it before I even finished getting it into place; Cory took to it no problem at all. Freya’s a little unsure about it, and Angel really never was much of a climber or jumper, even less so these days.

As I type this, Cory’s asleep in the top level, and Trick is sulking. I think because Trick got it first, he thought it was going to be all his. Silly kittehs, no concept of sharing!!!

There’ll be some video along as soon as I crop it down to a reasonable length. But here’s a couple of pics…

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  1. Hey, nice photos and good to see the appreciative kitties. I bought my puss a scratching / climbing post and he ignored it altogether. He spends more time out than in, anyway. ;)

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