Welcome Cole!

After being out of fostering for a while, due to the whole depression-anxiety thing, I contacted two groups last night to let them know that I’m once again available for fostering kittens – our horde have made it clear that they wouldn’t tolerate adults, but kittens should be okay. One group is Kingston Animal Rescue, who apparently remember me and put me back on the available-foster-homes list. The other is Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative, which mostly works with ferals but is trying to catch, socialize, and adopt out young kittens from feral colonies more than previously.

SNKI has a sweet black male kitten, five months old but the size of a three-month-old. He came from a feral colony, but he was certainly not born there – this little guy spent the early part of his life in a house somewhere. How he got from there to a feral colony at such a young age is anyone’s guess, but I hope the people responsible get exactly what’s coming to them for it.

I was warned that he was adorable and cuddly. He’s been in two foster homes already because resident cats took a dislike to him; I’m hoping our menagerie will be willing to accept him. He has a urinary tract infection and he’s on antibiotics for that, he’s done in mid January; SNKI is planning to get him vaccinated and fixed as soon as possible after that.

This was the pic I was given:

The warning about the cuteness and lovingness didn’t even come close to the reality. He’s been here maybe four hours, if that. So far we’ve played and he let me pet him – and feral-born kittens generally do not burrow into your hand and offer you throat and belly while purring madly with their eyes closed! He’s a little nervous about people looming over him; I don’t blame him, think how incredibly tall we are to even a large cat, let alone a tiny one. But if you make an effort to be closer to his height, he responds like crazy, wanting to be petted.

He came with a few toys. When I cleaned up that bedroom for him, I left all the toys that were in there – there are jingly balls, crinkle balls, ping pong balls, foam bouncy balls, any number of different kinds of mice, you name it! He’s absolutely in heaven, trying to figure out which toys to play with. He immediately took to a small stuffed reasonably-realistic mouse, which is about teddy-bear sized for him, and which ours have never had any interest in. He’s obviously used to amusing himself when alone, but when you play with him, he loves it!

I’m starting a kind of side blog at https://prysmcat.org/fosterblog where I’ll do copies of blog posts that are related to Cole and any further fosters, so I can give people who are only interested in the fosters that link – they don’t necessarily want to see all my assorted ramblings and my full-time feline overlords!

I have three pictures, and below them, you’ll find two videos.

Right after that:


  1. Mary Devine Tomcsanyi

    I recognize one of those pouches in that video!!! Hope he likes them!!!

  2. He’s absolultely gorgeous and I see a whole lot going on behind those eyes! I know you’ll find a wonderful furrever home Cole :)

  3. Hi – I haven’t for some reason been able to access the videos which I am dying to see. Please advise. I am very grateful to you for loving the little guy I new from the moment I started feeding him many months ago that he did not belong under my cottage. He deserves a home. I hope you can find him a wonderful home where he is forever luved.

    Many thanks

  4. Hi, Jayne! Sorry, you got caught by the spam filter and I just found you!

    The problem with the videos should be fixed now. I’m still not sure what was going on, but I’ve switched from DailyMotion back to YouTube, which at least is reliable.

    Thank you for rescuing him, he’s a super-special one, for sure! Gonna do all we can to find him a wonderful forever home!

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